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"Domino i-Sell"
Customer Relationship 
Management Solution

Introducing "Domino i-Sell" by Interlink Business Solutions, Inc., a customer relationship management solution that provides account profiling, lead management, activity management, and sales process tracking information in a single platform. Move up your customer support level, strengthen customer retention, develop new businesses, and increase revenue growth through paperless automated workflow processes.

Whether you are managing a global organization or a small business, you can benefit from implementing "Domino i-Sell". Your sales and marketing team gains instant access to critical business information pertaining to their accounts; your customer service team is empowered to respond to customer queries through controlled access to project status information; and your management team is enabled to track sales activities and progress.

Achieve positive results with "Domino i-Sell". Designed for high-impact workgroups, "Domino i-Sell" is developed in collaboration with sales management consultants using the best practices gathered from different organizations.

"Domino i-Sell" is built on IBM Lotus Domino, a platform whose solutions have won awards for their power, flexibility and security.

"Domino i-Sell" Starter Package

Get ahead of your competition! Exceed your customers' expectations with "Domino i-Sell" Starter Package. This package includes essential tools that provide easy-to-use searchable access to customer and sales team information.
Use "Domino i-Sell" Starter Package as a client call reporting system and customer call center to monitor leads and opportunities, to improve customer satisfaction, and to increase revenue.

Extended "Domino i-Sell" Solutions

"Domino i-Sell" Orders
Service customer orders efficiently using "Domino i-Sell" sales processing system that handles sales order entry, approval, fulfillment monitoring, billing, receivables, and collection. It even tracks post-dated checks!

"Domino i-Sell" Inventory
Let "Domino i-Sell" enable your sales team to respond to customer inquiry with ease and speed by linking them to your inventory reports that involves production batch control, inventory issuance, stock reorder and approval, receipts and transfers, payment vouchering and releasing.

"Domino i-Sell" Projects
Manage projects effectively using "Domino i-Sell" project management tools. With a project database, your team can now be given task assignments that will be matched with detailed task reports. This will help you monitor deadlines and deliverables to measure productivity.

"Domino i-Sell" Team
Administer your sales team effectively with the use of self-service "Domino i-Sell" tools for sales objectives, performance monitoring, sales and promotions monitoring, and competitive information gathering. Administrative modules for personal accountabilities and expense reports are also available.

"Domino i-Sell" Planner
For effective team planning, "Domino i-Sell" provides you with modules that will monitor account profitability, marketing plans and strategies, and competitor activities.

Note: Due to the uniqueness of each organization, modules in the extended solutions are sold separately to meet specific requirements.

Last Updated: 06 Jan. 2004

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With the starter package in place, we provide several extended "Domino i-Sell" solutions to further empower you and your employees.