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"Domino i-HeaR"
Employee Relationship 
Management Solution

Introducing "Domino i-HeaR" by Interlink Business Solutions, Inc., an employee relationship management solution that enables you and your organization to improve efficiency and productivity through the use of paperless, automated workflow processes.

"Domino i-HeaR" also empowers your employees through personalized access to information and use of self-service tools. Also, "Domino i-HeaR" allows your HR team to focus on your people instead of the voluminous paperwork.

"Domino i-HeaR" is very flexible, enabling small and large organizations alike. Whether you're growing rapidly or simply trying to gain better control of your operations, you gain instant access to updated personnel information pertaining to competencies, performance, and compensation encompassing the processes of application, hiring and internal movements.

"Domino i-HeaR" is developed in collaboration with HR consultants and practitioners using the best practices gathered from different projects. "Domino i-HeaR" is built on IBM Lotus Domino, a platform whose solutions have won awards for their power, flexibility and security.

"Domino i-HeaR" Starter Package

Gear up ! Take that first step in organizing your personnel information effectively. Achieve immediate results through the "Domino i-HeaR" Starter Package. This package handles a wide range of HR operations such as tracking job applicants' information and directly linking them to your personnel records upon recruitment; bundled with easy-to-use searchable database that helps you locate personnel information and update changes faster.

Extended "Domino i-HeaR" Solutions

"Domino i-HeaR" Time
Automate timekeeping functions by integrating your attendance recording device with "Domino i-HeaR". Based on the time-in and time-out data, "Domino i-HeaR" will work out shift schedule, rest day and authorization details to provide information necessary in preparing your payroll as well as a rich set of standard payroll reports.

"Domino i-HeaR" Benefits
Administer corporate benefit programs, monitor availments and keep track of all cash advances and liquidations with "Domino i-HeaR". Empower your people by enabling them to initiate and own these HR processes. Free up your HR staff from tedious paperwork to focus on your most important asset - your people.

"Domino i-HeaR" People
Use "Domino i-HeaR" to develop and enhance competencies. Develop your people by deploying a training administration tool that includes training announcements, on-line registration, approval, and post-training evaluation. Implement performance feedback that monitors awards, recognitions, infractions and corrective actions and personal accountabilities.  

"Domino i-HeaR" Team
Grow your business with effective organizational development plan by using "Domino i-HeaR" to maintain your organizational chart, manage plantilla, and conduct job audit. "Domino i-HeaR" also provides automated workflow for personnel requisition, performance evaluation, job posting, and authorization to publish corporate newsletters.

Note: Due to the uniqueness of each organization, modules in the extended solutions are sold separately to meet specific requirements.

Last Updated: 06 Jan. 2004

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With the starter package in place, we provide several extended "Domino i-HeaR" solutions to further empower you and your employees.