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"Domino i-Buy"
Vendor Relationship 
Management Solution

Introducing "Domino i-Buy" by Interlink Business Solutions, Inc., a vendor relationship management solution that enables an organization to implement e-Procurement by empowering your users to request/order supplies, monitor progress of their requisitions through the buying process, and validate quality of deliveries resulting in operational efficiencies that translates to savings.

"Domino i-Buy" checks requisitions and purchase orders against approved budgets and enables users to follow through the procurement process with proper asset management practice, accurate supplies management, and detailed project monitoring. It reduces order and process cycle time and helps your business operate more efficiently.

"Domino i-Buy" is developed based on best practices from different organizations who have involved themselves in e-Procurement and vendor rating. It is built on IBM Lotus Domino, a platform whose solutions have won awards for their power, flexibility and security.

"Domino i-Buy" Starter Package

Take that extra step towards a more efficient purchasing system by implementing e-Procurement for your organization. With "Domino i-Buy" Starter Package, your users can create requisitions and monitor their progress as they moves through the approval, procurement, and vendor delivery processes.

Extended "Domino i-Buy" Solutions

"Domino i-Buy" Budget
For effective budget management, "Domino i-Buy" starts by providing a flexible budget tracking system. New purchase requisitions are compared against remaining approved budgets, and accruals are made as purchase orders are issued to reflect committed budgets. Detailed budget balances are available anytime for review and control purposes.

"Domino i-Buy" Assets
Upon receipt of fixed assets, "Domino i-Buy" provides a simple and effective tool to track asset issuance and set personnel accountabilities. Repair and maintenance records are likewise managed enabling technical support personnel to proactively plan equipment downtimes and control repair costs. It also helps maintain asset valuation and provides an asset disposal process.

"Domino i-Buy" Supplies
For consumables, "Domino i-Buy" provides electronic requisition of supplies and on-line approval of requisitions. This leads to a more effective control of supplies issuance and better consumption monitoring.

"Domino i-Buy" Services
To monitor service contracts, "Domino i-Buy" provides an archiving tool for the terms of reference and related contracts. The system can automatically generate mail notifications to project team members, both from vendors and internal staff, to remind them of project milestones and deliverables.

"Domino i-Buy" Planner
For each transaction, "Domino i-Buy" provides the requisitioner with a tool to rate vendors as well as the products delivered and services rendered. This serves as a feedback mechanism for management and procurement personnel in making future purchasing decisions.

Note: Due to the uniqueness of each organization, modules in the extended solutions are sold separately to meet specific requirements.

Last Updated: 06 Jan. 2004

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With the starter package in place, we provide several extended "Domino i-Buy" solutions to further empower you and your employees.