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Domino i-Write
Document Tracking Solution

Introducing "Domino i-Write" by Interlink Business Solutions, Inc., a collaborative document creation, archival, and control solution for today's knowledge workers. Leverage on your corporate knowledge to improve your business processes and enhance your competitive position.

Workgroups, whether big or small, can significantly benefit from implementing collaborative tools by building on each other's expertise. "Domino i-Write" can be utilized to bridge time and space gaps in the creation of documents. It can also be used to manage document archive that spans across multiple storage devices, and to control and monitor access of documents.

"Domino i-Write" is developed in collaboration with knowledge management consultants using the best practices gathered from different organizations.

"Domino i-Write" is built on IBM Lotus Domino, a platform whose solutions have won awards for their power, flexibility and security.

"Domino i-Write" Starter Package

Enjoy the benefits of corporate knowledge management by implementing the "Domino i-Write" Starter Package. This package includes modules to set the members of the workgroup and their roles along with an archive module that allows full-text search of its contents.

Extended "Domino i-Write" Solutions

"Domino i-Write" Collaboration
Enable your users to work together without going into long working meetings. Documents such as term of reference, contract or corporate policy statement needs to be created by workgroups who may not be available at one place at one time. Use "Domino i-Write" to provide the framework for creating, routing, reviewing, annotating, consolidating and approving group documents.

"Domino i-Write" Archive
Manage the growth of your knowledgebase with ease by deploying "Domino i-Write". Parts of the knowledgebase can be stored in different network location or storage devices while maintaining single catalog for document search and retrieval. This can also be integrated into business processes with reference to collection of documents.

"Domino i-Write" Control
Implement flexible access control with "Domino i-Write". Users can request for time-bound access rights to specific documents on an as-needed basis. Access control can be managed by different people at the document level or for specific categories of documents. User access can be monitored and alerts can be generated based on pre-set threshold levels.

"Domino i-Write" Workflow
Manage your projects and case works with "Domino i-Write". Let "Domino i-Write" prompt your team members of scheduled tasks and automatically route the job to the next team member when it is completed. "Domino i-Write" also enables your team members to proactively plan their workday by reviewing pending tasks and even previewing upcoming tasks. To meet the challenge of the dynamic work environment, "Domino i-Write" offer the flexibility to re-assign and delegate tasks. By using "Domino i-Write", you can easily monitor and validate team performance while allowing ready access to case status and document location.

Note: Due to the uniqueness of each organization, modules in the extended solutions are sold separately to meet specific requirements.

Last Updated: 06 Jan. 2004

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With the starter package in place, we provide several extended "Domino i-Write" solutions to further empower you and your employees.